Sean M. Wagner | CEO/President, Architect

Sean's passion for design, natural materials, and sustainability has grown over the past twenty years or so. As one of the first LEED-accredited professional architects in Minnesota, he founded NewStudio Architecture with a commitment to creating practical, beautiful, thoughtful, and elegant work. "I’m excited and proud of the designs that we’re creating for our clients," he says.

"What we do here isn’t about us. It’s not about today. It’s about thinking ahead. Thinking beyond the expected and the accepted," Sean adds. He believes that the NewStudio team's passion, dedication, and knowledge will shape the future in bold new ways.

"Our work is not easy; nothing you’re passionate about is ever easy," Sean says. That's one of the reasons why NewStudio supports its staff with “mandatory” team-building sessions outside of the office to emphasize learning opportunities, local exploration, and camaraderie. These shared experiences kindle that creative fire—that passion—to produce outstanding designs. Sean notes, "Together, we’re building an exceptional organization that knows how to lead."

Favorite Office Supply:
Bum wad (it sounds naughty, but it’s just architecture tracing paper)

Someday, I Will…
Sail more
Paint more
Sail more
Start printmaking again
Sail, sail, sail

What Most People Don’t Know About Me:
I am a vintage cocktail recipe aficionado.




Sean Wagner, CEO/President, Architect


M. Arch., Princeton University

B. Arch., Iowa State University

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology -
Victoria, Australia

LEED Professional Accreditation, U.S. Green Building Council