Every project tells a story. And each NewStudio project tells a unique story of our clients, their home, and their lives. [read more]

The NewStudio team truly enjoys the initial process of sitting down with a cup of coffee (or tea, or wine and beer) and meeting with the clients to just talk about the project. We ask a lot of questions and enjoy an open dialog about daily life, wants and wishes, and whatever else might come about. Sometimes homeowners don’t know exactly what they need, perhaps because they’re downsizing and can’t imagine what it will look like. Or they might not be able to put into words everything they’re looking for from their new design and space.

And that’s where our team thrives.

For us, it’s all about listening—the spoken and the unspoken. With years of experience, we easily incorporate today’s modern life into any project, but the customization and little details are what truly elevate each space for our clients. Everyday activities become more pleasant, happier experiences. Appropriate, quality materials are found on every project we touch. And the craftsmanship of our unique designs turns many of our homeowners into more than repeat clients—they’ve become lifelong friends.