Our team is far from ordinary. We’re hardworking, smart, talented, and articulate. 

We bring life experiences from around the world and we take pride in our diversity. Practicing in more than thirty-six states and Canada, this breadth of backgrounds brings a rich perspective to our work. It also means the office refrigerator is likely to have a Minnesota “hotdish” next to dried squid. This is who we are, and we’re proud to introduce ourselves.

SEAN WAGNER [CEO/President, Architect]

MELISSA MARTYR [Director of Operations]

ABI LUNDSTROM [Interior Design Intern]

ADAM JARVI [Associate Principal, Architect]

BRITA HAUSER [Associate, Architect]

CHRISTOPHER BRENNY [Associate, Architect]

DAVE DAMMAR [BIM Manager/IT Manager]

ERIN GRAMMAS [Senior Associate, Architect]


JAN MANKARIOUS [Interior Designer]

LINDSAY MATENAER [Senior Associate, Director of Interior Design]

MARK DUNSWORTH [Office Manager]

MICHAEL FREIERT [BIM Manager/Job Captain]


TOUA LEE [BIM Application Specialist]

WALE FALADE [Senior Associate, Architect]