Completed: Summer 2018

Devon Yard is a multi-use, multi-building ground up project comprised of five tenants, including retail shops, restaurants, and an event center. Devon Yard is located in quaint Chester County, Pennsylvania, and is surrounded by a fabric of historic homes and rolling farmland.

Central to Devon Yard is a 4,000 square foot event space designed with a rustic-chic aesthetic. It features four spaces—a reception room, garden porch, ceremony garden, and bridal suite—and can accommodate up to 150 guests. Details like reclaimed barn wood floors, festive lights draped over open beams, and an abundance of blooming flowers create the ideal backdrop for a variety of events.

A large number of amenities needed to fit within a relatively tight footprint, all without compromising the spacious feeling or aesthetic appeal of the project. We worked carefully with the client, consultants, and engineers to ensure that the needs and adjacencies of each programmatic element were fully met, and that the entire project flowed smoothly and logically from one space to the next. We worked to find a solution that fulfilled the client’s vision while creating an efficient, beautiful, and fully accessible site.

Aerial photo credit: Blue Rock Construction

Photo credit: Dave Greer