Brita Hauser | Designer

Sketching. Doodling. My pencil keeps moving all the time. Maybe I’m drawing or drafting for an architectural project. Or I’m creating new designs for landscapes. Then again, I’m just as likely to be jotting notes and adding rationale.  

Even when I was a wilderness canoe guide years ago, I was a note taker—with or without paper. I absorbed the visual details in the Northland’s scenic beauty—the textures of pines, the colors of wildflowers, the sparkle of morning dew. At the same time, I had to make sure all the campers were fed, hydrated, and accounted for when we returned. Classical romanticism and modern sensibilities. That’s me.

Favorite Office Supply:
Sticky notes—the big ones

If I Was Stranded On An Island, The One Thing I’d Take With Me:
A volleyball

Most Memorable Office Adventure
(So Far):

Curling—I’m from Minnesota, but I never knew sweeping the ice was so much fun!




M. Arch, College of Design, University of Minnesota

Dual B.A. in History and Studio Arts, University of Minnesota