adam jarvi | associate Principal, Architect

Growing up in Northern Minnesota, I’ve always felt a deep connection to the natural world. Building snow forts, hiking the Boreal Forest, fishing on spring-fed lakes: those experiences drew me to creating sustainable architecture. Rethinking industrial landscapes and incorporating re-use practices are personally important to me. I like that these ideas drive the people that work with me, too, especially our clients.

Favorite Office Supplies:
Wite-out® tape and sugar-free Red Bull®

Best Things About Our Office:

  • “Wall of Wood” in the conference room
  • Proximity to the VFW

When I’m Not At NewStudio, I Am:

  • Teaching as an adjunct assistant professor at the U of MN College of Design, School of Architecture
  • Chasing my dogs, Eloise & Mandy
  • Hiking and kayaking up North
  • Practicing my photography
  • Working on my 100-year-old house




M. Arch., College of Design, University of Minnesota

B.S. in Architecture, College of Design, University of Minnesota