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Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Rapids Lake Unit Visitor Center

Marking the trailhead of a Wildlife Refuge next to the Minnesota River, the new Rapids Lake Education and Visitor Center constantly reinforces the natural beauty of its surroundings through strategically placed openings framing the landscape. 

The Next Generation of Energy Efficient Building Design: Where Are We and Where Should We Be Going?

In the architecture, engineering and construction industry there are practical problems to defining environmental success with energy codes. It is assumed that energy conservation codes are designed to protect the environment and reduce energy consumption. By following energy codes, owners, designers and politicians believe they are reducing air pollution and energy demand. Yet, consumption continues to rise.

Charter Demand Rising in Suburbs Spurred by Choices in the Twin Cities

"[Parent Melissa] Martyr-Wagner said. 'I knew what I wanted for my child, and the district couldn't offer it. And when someone's convinced at what they want for their child, they'll work pretty hard to get it.'