Wale Falade | Senior Associate, Architect

“Every part affects the whole and the whole informs the design of the parts,” Wale wrote years ago. He still feels that being involved in projects from design to construction improves the overall outcome. This connective idea also extends to urban planning, according to him. "Compelling relationships between urban design and architecture have the potential to reshape these respective components individually and the way people experience a place," he says.

As a Teaching Assistant for the University of Minnesota, Wale led a student-team study of Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Tanzania’s Zanzibar City. The group documented the 19th-centry island trading port’s unique mixture of Arab, Persia, Indian, European, and Swahili influences. Small parts, such as intricately carved Indian doors, influence the whole, Wale notes. And the whole—this historic and multicultural city—influence the small parts. He adds, "If I could explore the world, I would!"

Favorite Place:
The next one I’ve never seen before

Best Thing About Our Office:
The glass table next to my desk where I can get messy

Favorite Office Supply:
LePen-brand fine-point black sketch pens (not that I’m picky)


Wale Falade, Senior Associate, Architect


M. Arch, College of Design, University of Minnesota

Certificate in Metropolitan Design, College of Design, University of Minnesota

B.A. in Architecture, College of Design, University of Minnesota