Tom Vogel | Designer

Back in his university days, Tom’s thesis advisor gave him some keen insight. “He recognized how important it is for me to make things, and he recommended that I find an architecture firm with a hands-on approach,” Tom explains. “It’s relatively rare these days. Beyond making models and some furniture, firms outsource a lot of building work.”

The workshop facility at NewStudio immediately caught his attention. “It’s where I go to think through a process. I like to build things to figure out problems,” he adds.

He’s found it works well for projects of any size. “I don’t have a favorite design scale. Large or small—both have merits. A residential project is extremely personal, and I love helping to improve the direct connection clients have with living in their space. On the other hand, a larger building, say the Mission Building, is all about adaptive reuse and working with various constraints, from permits to patina preservation,” Tom says. “I can test so much in the shop—it’s one of the things that attracted me to NewStudio. The people here, and projects, and the office location? Yes, those, too! It’s exactly what my professor said I’d enjoy.”

Favorite Office Supply:
Binder clips. They are useful in so many situations: organizing (of course), model clamping, chip clips…

Someday I Will Try:
I’d love to play pedal steel guitar.

Favorite NewStudio Experience (So Far):
The survey work we did in an old furniture warehouse ranks up there; imagining the next stages of its reuse was a blast!

Tom Vogel, Designer


Master of Architecture, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Bachelor of Fine Arts, College of Visual Arts, Saint Paul