Seth Tep | Designer

I’ve been involved in the entire design-to-construction process. For a few years, I owned and managed a construction company. I gained an appreciation for the full scope of a project and also its smallest details. From an eco-friendly community rain garden to a subterranean theater complex in New York City, my work experiences have given me the confidence to tackle any project.

At NewStudio Architecture, I think my background helps me to push our designs further—to try a new approach or take a different perspective. I like it when we please our clients and surprise ourselves!

Best Thing About Our Office: 
Good humor

Favorite Office Supply:
Orange highlighter pens

Most Memorable Office Adventure
(So Far):

Sean took a “short cut” and drove us across the frozen lake in his truck. Three feet of ice? Riiiiiight.



M. Arch., College of Design, University of Minnesota

Certificate in Metropolitan Design, College of Design, University of Minnesota

Double B.S. Architecture and Environmental Design, College of Design, University of Minnesota