A Feast to be Thankful for

Dave's plate.png

Every year at Thanksgiving, we get together with friends and family, tell stories and list the things we’re thankful for. But most importantly… we EAT!

We took a Thanksgiving Dinner poll at the NewStudio office. Here are some of the foods we’re looking forward to…

Erin - My mom’s cheesy potatoes.  Mashed potatoes are overrated.

Dave – Turkey & Gravy & Stuffing & Mashed Potato’s & Corn & Cranberry Sauce & Everything!

Mark – In general, I love stuffing. But my uncle makes, hands down, the best stuffing on earth. The special ingredient?? Spicy Andouille sausage.

Michael - Left-over turkey sandwiches, with mayo, jellied cranberry sauce, and stuffing. 

Monica - Sweet potatoes with marshmallows. Because who doesn’t love it?

Coco - I love dressing that has MN Wild Rice in it, but my absolute favorite is Green Bean Casserole.

Maureen - I didn’t realize just how much I liked Mashed potatoes and gravy (or how obvious it was) until the one Thanksgiving I “wasn’t eating carbs”. That’s when my shocked, and slightly disappointed, grandmother informed me she always makes extra mashed potatoes specifically for me on Thanksgiving because I always have extra helpings.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope your food tastes as good as this sounds.