How to shop for a Designer | Holiday Edition

Are you trying to shop for someone with a keen eye for aesthetics? Someone who appreciates an item for its quality, uniqueness and design sometimes more than for the functionality or usefulness?

I happen to know a few people like this. I asked around the NewStudio office to find answers to the question... "What does a designer want for Christmas?"

Some of the ideas are surprisingly simple, playful and logical, while some are unique and beautiful. Here's what I found...


I want a Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell! So I can tell the delivery guy to just leave the package by the door and get notified when its delivered!


I like historical maps of cities I’ve traveled.  Legos are always fun and never go out of style.  I’ve always wanted an automatic car starter for these MN winters…


I want a Slight Design Solarpuff - Originally developed by Alice Min Soo Chun for a zero carbon alternative to conventional lighting and emergency relief after the Haiti earthquake, it is now available for purchase at a very reasonable price at multiple retailers.

Also, I want a compact, minimal table tennis game without the table to store (uncommon


Topo Designs Utility Bag – I need something to hold all my external hard drives.

NES Classic Edition – Because I’m just a kid that loves to play classic video games for hours.


Well-designed jewelry…like the Tiffany's Paloma's Groove ring designed by Paloma Picasso. 


Caran D'ache Fixpencil 2Mm 22 14Cm (a.k.a. - a fancy mechanical pencil) - The best lead holder. They come in colors now, and you can get colored lead for the adult coloring book fad.

The Anarchist's Tool Chest - By Christopher Schwarz (hardcopy)

By Hand & Eye – by George R. Walker & Jim Tolpin (hardcopy)


A 3-D pen! I really like the 3Doodler Pen Gift Set from Urban Outfitters.


Shelia Hicks: Coffee Table Book - This book is filled with amazing art pieces by Shelia Hicks, but I think it’s a work of art in itself. 

MGPF Michael Graves: French Press - A functional {give me caffeine!}, but also beautiful piece for in the kitchen.

SHOES. I really like the Billy Ella Floral Burnout Velvet Booties from Anthropologie.

Happy Holidays from your friends at NewStudio. And good luck shopping for the designer in your life!