BKLYN Designs Event

The NewStudio Brooklyn office attended the BKLYN DESIGNS event showcasing the creative work of artists, craftsmen, architects, and designers.  The purpose of this annual event is to celebrate the community of people who produce a wide range of products and ideas in the Brooklyn area.

Upon entering the Brooklyn Expo center, just a few blocks down the road from the Pencilworks office, a giant cartoon man soared above the visitors, welcoming them to the event as well as leading the way to food and refreshments.

Jon Mark was particularly excited about Still Alive Lights, a lighting company that 3D prints its fixtures (including the light bulb itself!) using a MakerBot.  It was interesting how the company used the technology to develop custom light fixtures for each of its clients.  Because of the rapid prototyping available with 3D printing, it’s possible to test and visualize multiple design ideas quickly. The booth also contained some take home swag in the form of a 3D printed ring that was designed to look like a bear.

Some of the other work on display included installation artwork, handcrafted furniture by a local craftsman in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Dumbo, and textiles inspired by Ethiopian landscapes.

The show reminds visitors that “Design Makes Us Human”, and the energy of the people and ideas being discussed at the event was truly a celebration of the creative spirit and ingenuity that can emerge from collaborative design.