Meet the Architect: Wale Falade

Wale Falade, Architect

Wale Falade, Architect

From where do you draw your inspiration?
Everyone and everything around me. Sometimes, the greatest ideas can come from the simplest conversations.

What should every home include?
A TV—it’s the 21st century fireplace.

What design element do you think people should use more?
You’ll be surprised how simple alignments make design look deliberate and ordered.

What colors or materials are you loving right now?
I love wood but I am looking for an opportunity to do something in adobe or rammed earth.

What's one of your favorite design memories?
This may sound weird but building a paper scale model of a house between ages 8-9 and then setting it on fire. Maybe I was trying to convey something existential about design? Who knows!

Besides that, I recently enjoyed working with a client on a shorefront house in New Jersey. It was a mutually engaging design process.