Michael Freiert | Job Captain/BIM Manager

A long time ago, Michael tried acting. "I wasn’t terrible on stage, but I discovered that I was better backstage. I wanted to be creating something a bit more lasting," he says.

One thing led to another along Michael's multicultural, multidisciplinary path toward architecture—with some interesting turns. Before landing in architecture, he taught Japanese; studied medieval and comparative history; worked as an audio engineer, clothing designer, and chef; and managed retail, security, and logistics.

In his spare time, he helped found Minnesota’s largest nonprofit community workshop/makerspace and still volunteers there. He also shares his time with a local roller derby league and leads workshops on locks and physical security—among other hobbies.

Each experience focused his interest in the details and design finesse that polish a project. "We’ve an eclectic mix of individual skills and interests at NewStudio Architecture for varied design challenges," he adds. "It’s a good space for a kilt-wearing Renaissance man."

Favorite Office Supplies:
Antique drafting pencils and pens—there is something deeply satisfying about writing with a needle-sharp Venus or Eagle

Most Memorable Office Experience (So Far):
Various shop-time projects with co-workers

Someday I Will:
Finish the kayak I’m very, very s-l-o-w-l-y building in my garage


Michael Freiert, Job Captain / BIM Manager


Herzing University, Minneapolis, MN – Associate of Science in Computer-Aided Design

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY – Studied medieval history