Mark Dunsworth | Office Manager

“The staff at NewStudio is an easy group to get along with,” says Mark. “They’re friendly and creative.”

Mark relishes busy days at the NewStudio office because they remind him of his previous experiences in recreation management. “I value the organized chaos. I’m on my feet a lot more, away from my desk. However, I appreciate the calm, professional, atmosphere we have most days. It’s nice when I can hear myself think.”

Mark’s experiences managing and training a large staff of coaches and instructors, while catering to over 6,000 students, give him an appreciation for preparation and planning—and keeping a sense of humor. “Wherever you go, teams have similarities. You get a variety of interesting people with complementary strengths. At NewStudio, it’s on a different scale than I’m used to.” says Mark. “I get to know everyone when working with a smaller staff.”

“The team at NewStudio is talented. We have a vibrant Saint Paul office, fantastic clients, and wonderful contractors we work with on a daily basis. All of these things make NewStudio a great place to work!”

People Might Not Know This About Me: 
My garage is full of adventure sports gear. When I’m not in the office, I love to be outside—skiing, snowboarding, sailing, golfing, mountain biking, running, kiteboarding. I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Best Thing About Our Office:
Our office is beautiful. The thoughtful integration of original 1902 wood beams and brick walls, with the clean lines of new glass and steel are the perfect example of NewStudio’s work.

My Favorite Gadget:
My grandfather's watch. It’s not flashy or fancy, but it’s functional, reliable, and has stood the test of time through three generations of use.


Mark Dunsworth, Office Manager


B.S. in Commercial Parks and Recreation,
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Certified sailing and skiing instructor