Engy Michael | Senior Designer

Meaningful architecture is rooted in providing the best possible service to clients and creating solutions to improve the quality of spaces via sustainability principles, project management, and performance-based design, according to Engy. "I cherish the tension between art and technology, and I strive to achieve their balance in my work. I want to create designs that are environmentally responsive to their occupants and aesthetically poetic," she says.

The beauty of the architectural language first spoke to her when she was living and practicing in Cairo, Egypt, where hundreds of minarets pierce the skyline and nearby iconic pyramids form visible links to antiquity. Hundreds of cultures have met, merged, or clashed in that city over the millennia. "It’s fascinating and always inspiring," she says.

Engy speaks English, Arabic, and French. She believes that her world travels have given her a deep appreciation for global diversity and its expression in arts and architecture. She adds, "NewStudio Architecture, with many nationalities represented on the staff, feels comfortable and exciting to me."

Favorite Office Supplies:
Paper Mate® pens and tracing paper

Best Things About Our Office: 

  • Yoga

  • The people

When I’m Not At NewStudio, I Am:

  • Exploring photography

  • Doing art with my young daughter


Engy Michael, Designer


M. Arch., College of Design, University of Minnesota

M.Sc. in Architectural Engineering, pending thesis; Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

Professional Program in Project Management, American University, Cairo, Egypt

B.S. in Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt