Christopher Brenny | Associate, Architect

Focused on design along a broad range of scales, Chris Brenny’s interests span from architecture down to furniture design and ceramics. He’s specifically drawn to small-space solutions and adapting historic buildings to 21st-century needs.
Chris says, “It’s important to recognize and maintain great architecture when we have the chance. Historic buildings can’t be replaced, and keeping them relevant by carefully adapting to modern needs can contribute to their survival."
Chris appreciates the exercise of working within existing construction, and the design hurdles that go with it. “Whether it’s an old building or a small space, design constraints present a great creative challenge. The product is that much more rewarding when you finally arrive at a solution.”

Favorite Office Supplies:
Graph paper and a fine-tipped pen

Best Thing About Our Office: 
It’s a relaxed environment—there’s always a good conversation to be had.

What Most People Don’t Know About Me:
Before architecture, I worked in an infectious disease lab.


Chris Brenny, Associate, Designer


M. Arch., College of Design, University of Minnesota

B.A. in Biology, Saint John’s University