Aly Zastrow | Intern

Aly was always doing crafts as a kid but didn’t get into art until high school. While she took several art classes, since they were easy for her and filled her schedule, it was Aly’s mom who encouraged her to take the interior design class offered at her school.

Aly is drawn to clean lines and bold color choices, with nothing extra added. She likes elements of several styles: modern clean lines, contemporary curves, industrial, and bohemian patterns. Friends and classmates know Aly’s style better than she does as they frequently comment, but can’t quite explain, “…that’s such an Aly design”!

Favorite Office Supplies:
Post-its® and a nice pen. If I don’t write something down I will forget. For me, basic pens are the best ones.

People May Not Know This About Me:

Card making is a hobby of mine. I decided to not buy greeting cards anymore, so I bought materials to make my own.

I’m Looking Forward To:

Finally graduating. I feel like I’ve been in college forever.

Aly Zastrow, Interior Design Intern


Pursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior Design, University of Wisconsin-Stout