Adam JarviAdam Jarvi | AIA, AIGA
Senior Associate

Growing up in Northern Minnesota, I’ve always felt a deep connection to the natural world. Building snow forts, hiking the Boreal Forest, fishing on spring-fed lakes: those experiences drew me to creating sustainable architecture. Rethinking industrial landscapes and incorporating re-use practices are personally important to me. I like that these ideas drive the people that work with me, too, especially our clients.

Here’s the other thing about coming from “Up North”: I can skate circles around mostly everyone in this group. Seriously. If we just played more hockey here at the office (okay, any hockey), this would be the perfect job.

Favorite Office Supplies:
White-out tape
Sugar-free Red Bull

Best Things About Our Office:
“Wall of Wood” in the conference room
Proximity to the VFW

M. Arch., College of Design, University of Minnesota
B.S. in Architecture, College of Design, University of Minnesota

When I’m Not At NewStudio Architecture, I am:
Teaching as an adjunct assistant professor at the U of MN College of Design, School of Architecture
Chasing my dogs, Eloise & Mandy
Hiking and kayaking up North
Practicing my photography
Working on my 100-year-old house

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