monica russell |
senior designer

My high school drafting and architecture teacher taught the fundamentals with a certain expectation of perfection. Sharp details. Crisp corners. I spent countless hours working—and re-working—sketches on vellum. That same teacher would return our homework in class, starting from best grade to worst grade. I just had to be the first (and mostly I was)!

I still turn to my strong old-school foundation today to meet the high expectations of our clients. My extensive project management experience at architecture firms on both coasts has given me an appreciation for meticulous organization and reliable scheduling. I admit: I am rather intense about details. And my competitive side is always striving to make our work the best. By the way, those traits also make me a valuable Pictionary teammate. Just saying.

Favorite Office Supplies:
Label maker, Wite-out tape, red Sharpie, and a black deluxe micro Uni-Ball pen

What Most People Dont Know About Me:
I’m an Illinois high school state champion for competitive dancing

What Makes NewStudio A Great Workplace:
Yoga at work

When I’m Not At NewStudio, I Am:
Working on my photography and spending time with my family

Someday I Will: 
Grow up, have a photography studio, and travel the world with my husband

Favorite Place: 
Crystal Cove Newport Beach, CA, and Italy (with my family of course)

Best Thing About Our Office: 
The lake view



M. Arch., Iowa State University

B.A. Architectural Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago