Michael Freiert | BIM Application Specialist

Back when Michael was in high school, he tried acting. "I was okay on stage. But backstage? Now that’s where I could really perform—fine-tuning the scenic lighting, building sets, and supporting the whole production," he says. The experience launched him on a multicultural path toward architecture.

Like most paths, Michael's took some interesting turns. Along the way, he became fluent in Japanese, gained an appreciation for medieval history and the East-West dichotomy, performed in the Renaissance Festival, and managed a retail fireworks operation. He also helped found Minnesota’s largest community workshop/makerspace.

Every experience added to his interest in the behind-the-scenes details and the design finesse that bring a project to its full potential. "It’s exciting to work with the talented and diverse team at NewStudio Architecture," he adds. "It’s a good fit for me, a man of Scots, Irish, and German distant heritage who wears a kilt. Regularly."

Favorite Office Supplies:
Old drafting pencils—there is something deeply satisfying about writing with a needle-sharp Venus or Eagle

Most Memorable Office Experience (So Far):
Hauling… in… the… humongous… and very HEAVY… anchor… chain…
Note: No fingers pinched; I call that a win

Someday I Will:
Finish the kayak I’m very, very s-l-o-w-l-y building in my garage




Herzing University, Minneapolis, MN – Associate of Science in Computer-Aided Design

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY – Studied medieval history