The staff at NewStudio is an easy group to get along with. They’re professional, friendly, and creative. I like to think I’m creative too, just not in the same way. I enjoy being helpful and supportive for the team.

Working at NewStudio with my hometown lake just outside the door fits me perfectly. My experiences coaching high school sailing teams and managing a large staff of ski instructors while catering to over 6,000 downhill and snowboard students for the past few years has given me an appreciation for preparation and planning—and keeping a sense of humor. I use those skills here but on a smaller, less chaotic scale. And, fortunately, my work at NewStudio includes a lot fewer worker’s comp claims; these architects and designers seem to avoid crashing into trees, and no one has blown out a knee using Revit. (Yet.) It’s good to be here.

People Might Not Know This About Me:
My new hobby is kiteboarding despite an eventful first adventure off Cape Hatteras

Best Thing About Our Office: 
The beautiful reception desk with the walnut top and stones (and the fancy pens, too)

My Favorite Gadget:
My grandfather's watch, so I know how long I've been stuck in traffic




B.S. in Commercial Parks and Recreation,
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Certified sailing and skiing instructor