coco dugan early | Senior Associate, interior designer

Interiors fascinate me. The complex interplay of line, space, texture, color, and light requires a keen sensibility. I am most drawn to the element of color and its relationships to interior space and functionality. Which colors are appropriate for the function? How does lighting affect the space and color selection? How does color affect the perception and mood of the occupant? Designing commercial and residential interiors challenges me to consider the human experience of space in a more intimate way than the larger scope of the architecture.

I also enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge. I’ve taught color theory and application and other classes at a local college. I dabble in the emerging field of digital pattern design and its application to textiles for the interior. My professional life and my home life with two teenager daughters create a colorful whirlwind of activity for me—just the way I like it.

What You Might Not Know About Me:
I am a James Bond junkie!

When I’m Not At NewStudio, I Am:
Teaching as an adjunct in the Interior Design Program at Dakota County Technical College

Gardening, biking, sewing, and working on our mid-century house

Watching my daughters, Clara and Anna, play volleyball

Favorite Office Supply:
Trace paper

Someday I Will:
Produce a line of digitally printed home textiles and accessories




B.S. Interior Design, University of Minnesota

B.S. Home Economics, University of Wisconsin

LEED Interior Designer

NCIDQ Certificate Number 15063