clara early |
Administrative Assistant

Throughout my childhood I knew that I loved creating, first on paper and later behind the lens of a camera. This led me to where I am now, studying graphic design at Arizona State University and building my photography business.
Someday I hope to work for a company like URBN, one of NewStudio Architecture’s clients. I enjoy how the staff here mixes a hard-working vibe with creative problem solving. Sometimes the designers ask for my opinion, and I’ve helped with proposals and marketing projects, which is great experience for a college design student like me!

People Might Not Know This About Me:
I have a crazy travel bug. I can’t wait to go…anywhere!

Best Thing About Our Office: 
The personal, friendly atmosphere here

My Favorite Place:
The Rocky Mountains in Colorado

If I Was Stranded On An Island, I Would Bring:
My dog, Greta, and my camera
Someday I Will:
Travel to every continent




Graphic design student, Arizona State University
Barrett Honors Program