Christopher Moy | Architect

The beauty of architecture is how it becomes the backdrop for people using and occupying a space, sometimes in unplanned or unexpected ways, according to Chris. He enjoys traveling and taking random walks, because he feels that it's one of the best ways to experience the built environment.
Throughout his studies and travels, Chris has noted the impact that a place can have on people. "Much like a song can bring up specific memories in a person's past, architecture can have the same effect," he says. The idea of adaptive reuse and making an old space new again (without removing the memory or essence of the original building) is a challenge he enjoys.
People Might Not Know About Me:
I don’t like to drink coffee; I prefer hot chocolate
Favorite Office Supply
Post-it® Notes, the really small ones (I like tiny objects)
Someday I Will:
Learn how to play blues music on the guitar
When I’m Not At NSA, I’m:
Outdoors—hiking, running, playing tennis


christopher moy


M.Arch., Washington University in St. Louis

B.A. in Architectural Studies, Certificate in Civil Engineering, University of Pittsburgh